La Blancha Cheese with Truffle (Vegetarian) 250g (±10%) - Le Fattorie Fiandino

Volume: 250g

Mid-autumn Langhe woods, Cuneo valley meadows, those orange and red coloured leaves on the ground as a sweet reminder of the past summer: this is what comes out at the very first taste of this white and delicate robiola cheese. The addition of truflfe into the curd, the maturation on spruce planks and the essential use of vegetable rennet give "La Blancha" its typical aroma. This cheese is excellent as a filling for tortelli (stuffed pasta), stir-fryed with Burro 1889 and asparagus crudites. 

Milk, Sicilian Salt, Vegetable Rennet (Cynara Cardunculus)
This cheese is suitable for vegetarians

Milk Origin

About Le Fattorie Fiandino - Kinara Line
‘Kinara’ is the first very seasoned cheese produced with the ‘Kinara’ method, which requires the use of vegetable rennet obtained from flowers that grow spontaneously: Cynara cardunculus, making this cheese suitable for vegetarians.