||10th Anniversary Sale|| Creazioni Spinobelli i Vecchi Tonnarelli

HK$65 HK$72
Volume: 250g
Spinobelli the old Tonnarelli

After creating Spinosini in 2000, which he dedicated to his young sons, in 2009 at the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo, one of ArmaniÕs most prestigious and luxurious restaurants, Vincenzo Spinosi presented his SpinoBelli for the first time, dedicating them once again to Marco and Riccardo who were by then grown up. Unlike Spinosini, SpinoBelli have a larger cross section and they replaced the ÔtonnarelliÕ which the company previously produced. The mixture is made with new blends of top-quality semolina and 100% Italian whole fresh eggs which we still break by hand.