Oberto Fassona Grass Fed Tenderloin - Macelleria Oberto


Since 1965, Oberto has worked alongside breeders in selecting the best quality cattle. A field research that has led to distinguish animals by gender, identifying the female cattle – the Fassona – as the most complete expression of the Piedmontese breed.

The meat of female cattle has natural fat marbling that makes it tender and tasty. The muscle fibers of female cattle are genetically more compact and juicier, characterized by a rich, round aroma that is never ferrous, with a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity and an exceptional persistence, as well as hints of hazelnuts and hay.

long-living female cattle of at least 36 months guarantees each animal to be able to grow in a healthier and more natural way, developing more complex and stratified fibers without forcing them, presenting perfect balance between muscle tissue and fat. A meat suitable for all types of cooking, from grilling and braising, to baking and stews.

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