White Sturgeon - Caviar Giaveri 30/50/100g


Caviar Giaveri has selected a new range of White Sturgeon Deluxe caviar for culinary enthusiasts who seek caviar with great visual and perceptual impact for their creations: a first choice characterized by large and lovable grains.

This caviar selection comes from white sturgeons, the largest sturgeon fish originating in North America. The eggs take on an unmistakable hue: charcoal gray leaning to black.

This variety of caviar is widely popular in cooking and stands out in even the easiest and quickest preparations. The balanced, harmonious taste and sizable eggs garnish all kinds of preparations to guide you into the extraordinary world of caviar.

The Acipenser Transmontanus White Sturgeon is a prized specimen native to the Pacific Ocean. It is cared for at Caviar Giaveri’s farms and followed at every stage of its long life to ensure maximum respect and balance of its ecosystem. Its massive size reaches up to 1 ton in weight and over 6 meters in length. The sturgeons’ condition is constantly monitored through computerized systems to ensure high-quality and wellness and allow total traceability of the produced caviar.