Forest Honeydew Honey Squeezer 250g - Mieli Thun

Volume: Squeezer - 250g
The Italian forest honeydew honey offers a strong and penetrating aroma of vin santo, apricot compote, ripe figs and black spices, with a licorice finish. the taste is marked by notes of rhubarb and green tomato jam, against a background of cooked cane sugar. It certainly has the highest mineral content, up to 1.5%, prevalently potassium. ItÕs the athleteÕs honey!

Altitude Distribution

Bloom Period
June - August

How to consume
It is best accompanied with American or mocha coffee, on bread with butter or extra virgin olive oil. Ideal in sweet or savory dishes with black spices and in long- cooked meats or freshwater fish. As breakfast, it an be drizzled on Greek yoghurt with fresh fruits.