Toma del Fra (Vegetarian) 250g (±10%) - Le Fattorie Fiandino

Volume: 250g

Toma del Fra is a creamy cheese that reveals its soft and delicate nature at the very first taste. This cheese is like a soft hug, protected by its edible crust that has been formed after the salting and a maturing time that never lasts more than twenty days. The piedmontese cheese-making tradition reaches its delicateness peak in this "Toma del Fra" cheese. Its slightly bitter scent makes a perfect match with caramelised onions and endive, "dumpling with Toma" with wild sprouts or even in the filling of a puff pastry recipe together with wild beets and poppy leaves.


Milk, Sicilian Salt, Vegetable Rennet (Cynara Cardunculus)
This cheese is suitable for vegetarians

Milk Origin

About Le Fattorie Fiandino - Kinara Line
‘Kinara’ is the first very seasoned cheese produced with the ‘Kinara’ method, which requires the use of vegetable rennet obtained from flowers that grow spontaneously: Cynara cardunculus, making this cheese suitable for vegetarians.