Ratafià - Scuppoz

Volume: 500ml

Scuppoz – Family run distillery based in Abruzzo, founded in 1982, following the traditional way of producing Digestives and Liquors.

Ratafià is a red wine based liqueur blend with mixed cherries and their juice. It is really well balanced thanks to the sweetness of the cherries. The whole process of the Ratafia’ takes place by hand, with an intense infusion process that guarantees the best possible quality of the final product.

The name Ratafià comes from a very long time ago when the given word was worth more than a contract. In the past in fact, it was common to drink 'ratafia’ immediately after the ratification of a notarial contract. The name derives from the Latin expression “ut rata fiat”.

Preferred to serve it chill or with ice.

Velvety, warm, full and round nose. In the mouth, aromas of cherries and candied fruit are discovered with a persistent jammy notes.