Etna Rosso DOC 2020 - Capu Chiurma

Volume: 750ml

Capu Chiurma is a "volcanic" wine from all points of view, produced on the north side of Etna and with an inimitable flavor. The terrain composed almost exclusively of volcanic stones, they give the wine a unique minerality and flavor.

With an intense ruby red color, the production of this wine follows a maceration with the skins for 15 days at a controlled temperature and aging in stainless steel tanks and in the bottle before being marketed. The nose offers a broad, varied and one could say unusual scent, characterized by spicy hints that intersect with notes of leather and flint. 

A wine with an Etnean flavor and character that is always well appreciated by lovers of Sicilian wines. An elegant and harmonious red on the palate, pleasantly tannic and dry, excellent in combination with dishes based on meat, game, roasts, cold cuts and not too aged cheeses.