Salsa con Porcini e Tartufi Estivi

Porcini Mushrooms and Black Summer Truffle Sauce

This sauce of medium-thin cut mixes in a harmonious ÒunicumÓ the intense aroma of porcini mushrooms with that of grated black summer truffle. Ideal on pastas and risottos, bruschettas, cutlets, pizzas and sandwiches.

Cultivated Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) 48.5%, Porcini Mushroos (Boletus Edulis and Rel. Group) 16%, Black Summer Truffle Broth (Water, Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestuvium Vitt.), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestuvium Vitt.) 5%, Onion, Butter, Salt, Garlic, Pepper, Flavourings
May contain traces of Nuts, Glutens, Shellfish, Eggs, Celery, Milk, Soy.