Le Fattorie Fiandino Rosti (Vegetarian)

Volume: 180g/ 2pcs

Precious wood cases treasure a piedmontese milky heart with a typical thistle flowers fresh scent. Its edible rind makes Rosti perfect both for grilled or lightly baked in the oven and served very hot. Excellent recipe for a tasty summer lunch or for a healthy quick snack, this is one of the products from Fattorie Fiandino, that can best express the softness and the intense delicacy of the cheeses from Bruna Alpina cow's milk.


Milk, Sicilian Salt, Vegetable Rennet (Cynara Cardunculus)
This cheese is suitable for vegetarians

Milk Origin

About Le Fattorie Fiandino - Kinara Line
‘Kinara’ is the first very seasoned cheese produced with the ‘Kinara’ method, which requires the use of vegetable rennet obtained from flowers that grow spontaneously: Cynara cardunculus, making this cheese suitable for vegetarians.