Anfosso Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva D.O.P. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P Ligurian Region


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Anfosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Ligurian Region is one of the mildest EVOO of produced by the brand. It’s an olive oil that has a very buttery flavor, so it is perfect for those who really dislike the rustic olive flavor that many stronger olive oils have.

Since 1945, Olio Anfosso has been producing extra virgin olive oil following the West Ligurian tradition. Their DOP oil has subtle aromas of grass, artichoke, and green tomato, with soft and complex flavors of almond and artichoke, and is only slightly spicy.

It’s excellent on fish, focaccia bread, and fresh pasta. And, it’s also the perfect EVOO to use if you make your own basil pesto.

About Anfosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Anfosso is produced in Western Liguria since 1945. It represents a historic farm in the production of extra virgin olive oil obtained from more than 4500 olive trees of Taggiasca cultivar. All extra virgin high quality olive oils are produced in the full respect of tradition: without changing the original production processes, but working in a very professional, over the years the company has expanded its technical facilities and operational spaces with one goal: to obtain the quality sought by customers.