Le Fattorie Fiandino Lou Blau - Blue-veined Cheese (Vegetarian & Lactose-Free)

Volume: 100g (±10%)

Blue like its veining, blue like the packaging it is wrapped in, blue like only the traditional blue-veined mountain cheese can be, this delicate cheese is made in a way unique to Fattorie Fiandino.

This raw milk cheese, in which noble molds are added to curds, develops features that differentiates it from many others. It is neither salty nor sweet, but is instead delicate, which is a rather unusual feature for a blue-veined cheese.

Milk, Salt, Vegetable Rennet (Cynara Cardunculus)
This cheese is suitable for vegetarians

Milk Origin

About Le Fattorie Fiandino - Kinara Line
‘Kinara’ is the first very seasoned cheese produced with the ‘Kinara’ method, which requires the use of vegetable rennet obtained from flowers that grow spontaneously: Cynara cardunculus, making this cheese suitable for vegetarians.