Afeltra Linguina Integrale Biologica 100% Grano Italiano - Organic Whole Wheat Linguini Pasta

Volume: 500g
Organic Durum Whole Wheat Semolina. Contains Gluten.


The Afeltra Whole Wheat Linguine are made using only the most premium whole wheat semolina originating from 100% Organic Italian wheat, giving food lovers the possibility to discover the unique and unmistakable flavour of true Gragnano pasta with every bite. The bronze die extrusion and slow drying give the pasta the optimal amount of coarseness and porosity for holding the condiments. Try them with a good pesto or with your favourite sauce: you will be surprised how good they are.

About Afeltra
The Premiato Pastificio Olimpio Afeltra was founded in 1848 and is located in the heart of Gragnano. In this monumental palace from the early 1800's, 50 quintals of pasta are produced every day with full respect for the artisan method. The best durum wheat semolina is delivered to the company and then analysed to make sure they have the characteristics of excellence required for protein, glutens and ash. The dough and pre-dough are prepared in a vacuum, slowly and using the purest water from the Lattari Mountains of Gragnano. The exclusive bronze die extrusion process is used, and the drying lasts from 24 to 52 hours, depending on the format, with temperatures that never exceed 48 degrees.