Idromiele Sintesi

Volume: 500ml
Idromiele Sintesi Mead

Mead is an ancient drink sacred to mankind: the oldest alcoholic drink produced by man. To obtain it, water and honey are combined and with patience, the fermentation begins, with the sugars gradually turning into alcohol. The result is a unique drink, with a marked acidity, dry with interesting oxidized notes, whispering the aroma of the honey that generated it.
Synthesis is the epitome of Mieli Thun's fermented products, it is the liquid icon of a journey that began in 2003 with the first experiments born out of fun, based on the ancient production of honey vinegar. It is named synthesis because it refers to a melting pot of ideas, synthesized through spring water, honey and time. Oxidized in oak barrels in an extremely dry environment, and fermented with honey from spring water, fir, citrus, alpine and mediterranean honey.