I Pupi Siciliani "Orlando" - Morettino Fresh Ground Coffee

Volume: 125g


The Opera dei Pupi (Òpira ri Pupi in Sicilian) is a type of theatrical representation with marionettes, featuring Charlemagne and his paladins. 


Orlando, Charlemagne nephew's. Invincible and always ready to defend the weak. Married with Aldabella, fell in love with the beautiful princess Angelica. She drove him out of his mind.


Refined artisan coffee blend created according to the ancient Sicilian traditions. Mediterranean character. Velvety and persistent taste. Bold roasting.

Limited edition Sicily Boutique Coffee "I Pupi Siciliani" tin. Item "Orlando" to be collected.

Artisan fresh ground coffee packed in a 125g vacuum bag.

Suitable for all coffee makers: moka coffee pot, drip or french press.