Gluten Free Green Peas Penne

Weight: 250g
Peas flour pasta is perfect if combined to classic ingredients used to prepare peas in general such as spring onions, leeks and mint. A simple and successful recipe is made with peas flour conchigliette, cherry tomatoes, green beans and extra virgin olive oil. A more refined dish, suitable to satisfy the most demanding palates, can be prepared by frying mushrooms flavoured with garlic, oil and chilli in a pan so to add them to peas flour sedanini cooked "al dente". Another good version is with king trumpet mushrooms and broccoli. PASTA NATURA's peas pasta remains firm to the bite after cooking, you won’t find it overcooked in the dish. A more delicate proposal, also suitable for children's taste, is mezze penne with a zucchini and ricotta cream.