Franciacorta Rose' Brut DOCG - Majolini

Volume: 750ml

This wine is very refined, but doesn't hide its big personality. Its refinement is the fruit of the perfect balance research and nature.
The grapes, at the perfect stage of ripeness, are picked and quickly cooled down. After this, they are de-stemmed. They are placed in a container, with their skins, at a maximum temperature of 5°C for around 6/8 hours. This technique is known as cryomaceration or cold maceration and allows colour to be extracted, different at every vintage. It also allows the Pinot Nero aroma to be preserved. After this comes a light pressing and fermentation in steel containers at a controlled temperature of around 18°C.
In spring, the cuvee is ready and the wine is bottled, to become sparkling.. The base wine used is single-vintage but comes from different vineyards.
The wine is then left to age with its own yeasts for at least 2 years.