Fractionated Liquid Coconut Oil - Benvolio

Volume: 250ml

Benvolio 1938 Liquid Coconut Oil is made from cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, Natural Force Organic MCT Oil provides 14 grams of high quality, full-spectrum MCTs per 1 tbsp serving. With 0g sugar, 0g carbs, and only 125 calories per serving, it is the perfect source of healthy fats for keto and low carb coffee, smoothies, and cooking.


MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), like those found in Organic MCT Oil, are a special type of fat that can help you feel energized, productive, and focused throughout the day.

How to use Benvolio 1938 liquid coconut Oil:

-Blend into Coffee
-Blend 1 tbsp Benvolio MCT Oil into warm brewed coffee for a dairy-free, health boosting alternative to coffee creamer.