A'Ninetta (Fresh Goat Cheese) with Charcoal - Il Carro

Volume: 400g (±10%) - A'Ninetta with Charcoal

In the heart of Apulia, at the door of Valle d'Itria, you can find the farm IL CARRO.

During climatically favourable periods of the year, animals are kept outdoor to pasture freely so that their diet can be enriched with micronutrients and vitamins of which grass that grow abundant is rich in.

Designed to satisfy the most refined palates, for those who are never satisfied.
“A'Ninetta” with vegetable charcoal is a short-aged, soft-paste goat's cheese covered with charcoal on the surface. Young, soft and tasty, it is ideal for enriching aperitifs and dinners; special ingredient for creaming risotto