9 Uova Fresche Bianche & Rosse Insieme - Fresh Eggs (From Mix of Red & White Chickens)


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Fresh eggs from hens raised without use of antibiotics.

Stamped on Site
Fattoria Roberti eggs are collected fresh every morning in all farms and are immediately stamped on site before being sent to the packaging centers. This guarantees the actual origin of the eggs.

Hens Not Debeaked

Fattoria Roberti's eggs come from hens that do not have their beak cut in respect of animal welfare. Hens can therefore easily catch the feed, take care of their beaks with "natural attractants" such as hay bales, oyster shells, thus maintaining their natural attitude unaltered.

Ethical Management with Complete Traceability
FDAI (Signed by Italian Farmers) is the brand that guarantees, supports and promotes the values ​​of an ethical management model of the entire production chain with an agricultural matrix, linked to traceability, agricultural work and land.