||On Sale|| Oberto Fassona Grass Fed Sirloin Steak 500g (±10%) - Macelleria Oberto

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Volume: 500g (±10%)/ Whole Steak Cut

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The Fassona Piemontese Sirloin cut, also known as Striploin, is found along the spine in the hindquarters, running from the ribs to the rump. Along with the tenderloin, it is probably the best known and the noblest cut of the beef, this Fassona cut has an unmistakable tenderness and an overwhelming flavor.

The meat of female cattle has natural fat marbling that makes it tender and tasty. The muscle fibers of female cattle are genetically more compact and juicier, characterized by a rich, round aroma that is never ferrous, with a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity and an exceptional persistence, as well as hints of hazelnuts and hay.

Chef's Advice

Open the product under vacuum 1 to 2 hours in advance so that the meat is oxygenated, its original color is restored and it reaches room temperature.

Rub some extra virgin olive oil over its surface and season with a generous sprinkling of salt and black pepper. When ready to cook, place the skillet over high heat for a minute or two before adding the steak. Cook for three minutes on each side for rare, four minutes for medium, and five to six minutes for well done. 

What makes the Fassona Breed special?

The history of the Piedmontese Breed dates back to the Paleolithic era, when wild cattle species merged with zebu herds from Pakistan. The new crossbreeding spread mainly in Italy, excellent for milk and meat, this breed was used as a working animal, a factor that influenced the genetics and ended up generating hypertrophy of the rump and thigh muscles.