||Special Offer|| De Vivo Panettone Gift Box - 350g x 4 Pieces

HK$498 HK$588
Weight: 4pcs x 350g / Box

Assorted Panettone Gift Box, 4 flavours (350g each) included as below:

Pistachio Panettone: Soft dough with a delicate Sicilian Pistachio ganache and tasty flakes of dark chocolate, flavoured with an orange infusion with a white chocolate coating and pistachio paste.

Hazelnut Panettone: flavoured with milk and dark chocolate pieces and filled with a delicate hazelnut cream, with citrus infusion. It is covered with white chocolate and grains of Giffoni hazelnuts.

Limoncello Panettone: It is the perfect choice. It is filled with delicate white chocolate and lemon ganache from the coast, dipped in Sorrento IGP lemon liqueur and covered in white chocolate to evoke the flavour of the coast.

ChocoRhum Panettone: a delicate cocoa dough with a tasty filling of single-origin 61% dark chocolate ganache and 16° Jamaica White Rhum, covered with chocolate and pieces of dark chocolate.